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Traditional Braces – Allen, TX

Reliable and Effective for Complex Orthodontic Concerns

It doesn’t matter if you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, (or some combination of all three), traditional braces in Allen, TX are one of the most effective treatments to achieve a straight and functional smile. Allen Orthodontics typically recommends them for young patients, but they can be just as helpful for adults with severe concerns. Dr. Jones and Dr. Hanson ensure you can trust your child or your own treatment to be smooth, comfortable, and provide fantastic results. Get started on your new smile today by calling and scheduling your FREE consultation!


Why Choose Allen Orthodontics for Traditional Braces?

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Braces Basics

Growing up, you likely saw your peers in a classroom wearing braces. Back then, braces were known for being bulky and irritating, but the good news is they are much smaller and subtle today. We attach brackets to each tooth, and use wires placed along the row of teeth to apply slight pressure and shift the teeth into their desired position.


The Benefits of Braces

Young person with traditional braces smiling

If you think braces are solely a cosmetic treatment, think again! It’s true that a straight smile is largely seen as more attractive, but that isn’t the only benefit you can expect. Straight teeth also tend to be at lower risk of dental disease!

Crowded or crooked teeth can lead to small, hard-to-clean areas where plaque and bacteria can collect and increase the risk of tooth decay. When teeth are properly aligned, it’s much easier to clean them. This means orthodontics can actually reduce the chances that you’ll develop cavities and gum disease.

Not only do braces help teeth, but they can also work to correct uneven bites. This in turn works to enhance your appearance as well as your oral function. If the bite comes together as it should, certain functions like eating and speaking start to feel more natural and comfortable. It also help prevent stress on the jaw joint, which lead to headaches and chronic jaw, face, neck, shoulder, and even upper back pain.

Finally, braces can be a major confidence booster. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your crooked teeth, it can start to weigh on you, no matter how old you may be. Once the braces come off, your new smile will be revealed! Our team has seen it time and time again when people’s eyes light up as they examine their straight smile. The better you feel about your teeth, the more likely you are to be social and feel comfortable around others, especially new people. This can be incredibly beneficial for both children and adults!


Customizable Brackets

Teen with braces that have customizable brackets and her mother smiling together

Traditional braces offer an opportunity for you to express yourself a bit through the use of dental rubber bands. These are designed to hold the wires in place and can come in a wide spectrum of colors. We switch them out every few weeks during adjustment/progress appointments. If your child has a favorite color they’d like to make their elastics or have them match the season or their school, we can do that! Adults also have the option for clear or white elastics to help them blend in better with their natural enamel.